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Health & fitness are not merely destinations, but lifestyles. For some, this lifestyle comes rather naturally, and for others more effort is involved. I understand we all have different journeys and are all in varying places along those journeys. Programs range from strictly nutrition, to strictly exercise focused, to a comprehensive and intense fitness lifestyle overhaul. Choose an entire program, or go a la carte and select what you need to help you reach your goals this year! Beginning to end, I got you covered.


Why You Should Work With Me

Certifications don’t replace experience, and experience doesn’t replace knowledge. I am a certified personal trainer through NASM and have a Fitness and Nutrition Specialization, but to be honest, most of my tried and true knowledge comes from real-life trial and error.

I struggled with eating disorders and obsessions in my younger years, but found a happy and healthy balance later in life. I was a cardio queen for years before incorporating strength training into my regular routine. I know what it’s like to be the “new girl” in the gym and to feel lost and clueless. I am a mommy; a single mommy at that, so if you want to talk efficient time management, I’m your girl! I worked out through the entirety of both pregnancies and gave birth to 2 perfectly healthy, full-term baby boys. I have been through the ringer of postpartum body blues, to fitness competition preparation, to getting into the best dang shape of my life mid-30’s. Whatever you’re going through, chances are, I can relate.

And equally as important: fitness needs to be fun! The types of workout that one person loves may not be your thing. And that’s ok! Let’s find what is and make it your own.

A La Carte Programs

Get a 15% discount when you bundle 2+ offerings together.

Current Lifestyle EvaluationAn in-depth look at your day-to-day habits and routine to see where areas of improvement can be made, and to evaluate how health and fitness can best be incorporated into your busy life. ($49)

Current Nutrition AnalysisA deep dive into your current eating habits and macro nutrient breakdown to help determine areas of improvement and lay the foundation for an improved nutrition plan. You must download MyFitnessPal and track meals for a minimum of 7 days prior to program start and/or analysis. ($99)

12 Week Macronutrient Based Nutrition PlanA macronutrient plan customized just for you, based on your eating habits, body type, and overall goals. Includes ongoing modifications as needed. ($199) Recommended to bundle with Current Nutrition Analysis.

Sample Menu Plan—A 7 day sample plan breakdown of what to eat following your macro based nutrition plan. ($49) Recommended to bundle with either the Current Nutrition Analysis or 12 Week Macronutrient Based Nutrition Plan.

Current Exercise AnalysisA deep dive into your current exercise habits to determine areas of improvement and to establish a baseline for an improved exercise plan. ($49)

12 Week Exercise Plan**3 months worth of exercises based on your specific cardio + weight training goals; necessary modifications for injuries included, plus ongoing plan modifications as needed ($199)

Established 12 Week Goal—Via a collaborative effort we will establish a challenging, yet obtainable, 12 week goal with milestones along the way to track achievement. ($49)

Fitness Lifestyle Coaching—CHANGE your life and the way you view health and fitness in this intense, 12 week transformation program customized completely for you. ($599, Learn More)

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