just a little background...


NASM CERTIFIED TRAINER: 2016-present, CEU specialization in Fitness Nutrition (2018)

EDUCATION: B.S. Biology (Pre-Med), MBA (Marketing focus)—both from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

FITNESS EXPERIENCE: I started working out regularly in high school but didn't start weight training until 2014 and got certified 2 years later. I currently train 6x/week both on my own and with a personal coach. Even trainers need trainers.

COMPETITION EXPERIENCE:  I do competition prep through Pro Physiques (Gilbert, AZ) and have competed in three NPC Bikini competitions, spanning July 2018 through April 2019, and placed top 5 in every show. I have plans to compete again later this year.


MOM LIFE: Mommy to 2 little boys, Keylen (8) & Kohen (2). I worked out up until the day before I gave birth with both and carried both to 40+ weeks. Fitness during pregnancy was a lifesaver for me, both in dealing with stress and keeping healthy and active.

PASSION: Helping others to find and regain their confidence through fitness. 

FOCUS: While my focus is on mommas (because I think we need the reminder that it's ok to love ourselves and put our needs first sometimes), inspiring women of all ages and child+ or child- is where my energies are. Women are beautiful and capable, each in their own right, at whatever stage they may be in. Not everyone wants to be a competitor, or even lift weights, and that's ok. I'll meet you wherever you're at in your journey and that's where we'll start.