Are you totally overwhelmed by the number of gyms, studios, boutiques, bootcamps, etc. that are out there today? I know I am. Fitness is my life, but for the life of me I don't know what differentiates most studios from each other. But, I am on a mission to find out. Any gym in the Phoenix metro is fair game and I promise to tell it exactly like it is. 

Questions like: What makes this studio so unique? Are the trainers any good? What's the overall vibe like? What type of equipment is used? How challenging is it? What the h*ll is this machine and why does it look like torture?

Come along with me as I sweat through new workouts, in new environments, with people I've never met before, in an effort to uncover which gyms are best suited for what you're looking for. 



If you have a favorite gym that you think is noteworthy or if you are a gym owner who is looking for new clients and/or free advertising, let me know! I'm always up for a sweaty challenge and I'd love to write about it.

*Gyms must have personal training option or some type of specialized programming that makes them unique.

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