What is Fitness Lifestyle Coaching?

You’ve heard it 100 times; fitness is not a destination, but a lifestyle. For a majority of us—and possibly yourself—there is some aspect of health & fitness that just isn’t clicking and is causing you to fall short of your goals. Sure, there are tens of thousands of exercise and nutrition guides out there, but that still doesn’t solve the #1 problem that a majority of people run into.


Discipline. Motivation. Balance. These are three critical components necessary to turning fitness into a lifestyle, rather than just a temporary quick fix. Without them, failure will be inevitable.

Why You Need Me

I am here to help you CHANGE your life and the way you view fitness. I won’t just be giving you a nutrition and exercise plan to follow and simply sending you on your way, but will instead be teaching you how to integrate health & fitness seamlessly into your life so that your goals aren’t just achievable in the short term, but for the long run. This is a complete, end-to-end, comprehensive program that is intended to change your life.

Whether your goal is to lose 10 pounds of stubborn baby weight or to massively overhaul your life, I’m here to help. Through careful evaluation of your current situation, your goals, your habits and overall lifestyle, we will work hand-in-hand over the course of 3 months to change the way you go about your day-to-day routine, and to change the way you eat and workout. And because I know you have goals, we will also be focused on achieving your first big milestone goal in just 12 weeks. Habits learned over the duration of this course are meant to last a lifetime.

Because this program involves significant personal attention, I only take on a very small number of 12 week clients at a time so that each gets the personal attention they deserve. Fill out the form below to begin the application process.*

12-Week Coaching Program Details

Current Lifestyle EvaluationAn in-depth look at your day-to-day habits and routine to see where areas of improvement can be made, and to evaluate how health and fitness can best be incorporated into your busy life. ($49)

Current Nutrition AnalysisA deep dive into your current eating habits and macro nutrient breakdown to help determine areas of improvement and lay the foundation for an improved nutrition plan. You must download MyFitnessPal and track meals for a minimum of 7 days prior to program start and/or analysis. ($99)

12 Week Macronutrient Based Nutrition PlanA macronutrient plan customized just for you, based on your eating habits, body type, and overall goals. Includes ongoing modifications as needed.($199)

Sample Menu Plan—A 7 day sample plan breakdown of what to eat following your macro based nutrition plan. ($49)

Current Exercise AnalysisA deep dive into your current exercise habits to determine areas of improvement and to establish a baseline for an improved exercise plan. ($49)

12 Week Exercise Plan**3 months worth of exercises based on your specific cardio + weight training goals; necessary modifications for injuries included, plus ongoing plan modifications as needed ($199)

Established 12 Week Goal—Via a collaborative effort we will establish a challenging, yet obtainable, 12 week goal with milestones along the way to track achievement. ($49)

Open Communication AccessOngoing support via text/phone/email as needed throughout duration of program (during most reasonable hours of the day).

Check-Ins with Coach 5x/weekFrequent check-ins to keep you 100% accoutable and on-track with your goals, plus at minimum, one phone call/week to discuss hurdles & successes and to make any necessary changes throughout the duration of program.

PLUS you’ll get inspiration, healthy lifestyle habit setting, and tips + tricks to keep you motivated throughout your journey.

$799 (requires full 12 week commitment) - EARLY ENTRANCE DISCOUNTED RATE OF $599 in exchange for client testimonials

Name *

*Serious applicants only. Just because you apply does not mean you will be accepted.

**Gym membership required

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