Looking to hit every muscle group while getting your heart rate up? If so, these cardio circuits are the perfect mix of both! While 3 is the recommended number of sets for each circuit, if you're short on time, dropping it down to 2 will still get your blood flowing.






While the gym is always an ideal place to workout for space and equipment reasons, it can be hard to get there some days. This full body circuit can be done at home and with minimal equipment. What you will need: resistance band (I recommend the Slingshot Hip Circle Band) and 2 sets of dumbbells—one heavy set and one lighter set. 


Some days, getting to the gym just isn't possible. And some weeks, traveling and bouncing hotel room to hotel room is a necessary evil. But your workout doesn't have to suffer! Resistance bands are a great (and inexpensive) way to get your sweat on wherever you are. I have this band set from ZojiFit that fits nicely in my suitcase.



Check out the products and supplements I recommend to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether it's for everyday gym use or training for a competition.




Use this template to keep track of which days you do upper body, lower body, and cardio. Planning ahead for the week/month is the easiest way to stay on track and reach your fitness goals.




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train like a fit babe


HIIT Sessions

Weighted sled pushes are a great way to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, during what is known as a HIIT (high intensity interval training) session. These sessions involve short bursts of very hard work (short as in 20-90 seconds max). You can burn more fat (in a much shorter amount of time) using the HIIT method than you can doing steady-state cardio for much longer durations.

Weighted sled push 40 yards

Rest for twice as long as it took you to push the sled 40 yards

Repeat for 10 rounds total

BACK DAY went from being one of my least favorites to one of my all-time favs. Having a strong back is good for posture, proper form on other weight lifting movements, and also gives you the appearance of a smaller waist. Finally, a toned back looks great in everything from low cut rompers and tanks, to bikinis and backless formal gowns. Here are a few favorite back exercises to add to your routine:

*Assisted pull-ups (lower yourself down in a slow and controlled fashion) 4 X 12

*Wide grip lat pull-downs 4 X 15 + Underhand narrow grip pull-downs 4 X 15

*V-bar pulldowns 3 X 15


Leg Day w/ Booty Focus

*Weighted step-ups + lying hamstring curls 4 X 10

*Stiff leg deadlifts + pop squats + banded lateral side steps 4 X 12

*Bulgarian split squats + sumo squats (heels elevated on a plate) 4 X 10

*Smith machine narrow stance squats 4 X 10

*Hip thrusts + Abductors 4 X 12


Hamstring tightening and conditioning

Cardio + HIIT intervals can help shed unwanted fat in areas where females commonly store it (hips, butt, thighs). And while it is impossible to spot-reduce fat, added cardio will help to burn stubborn fat faster than steady state cardio alone.

Try these variations:

*Sprint intervals: 1 min sprinting, 1 min rest. Repeat 8-10 times total.

*Stair intervals: 2 min skip a step, 1 min sprint (high speed). Repeat for 15 minutes total.

*Cardio type circuits: rope slams, lunges, burpees, KB swings, banded side walks, sled pushes, etc. Pick a variety of exercises and do without stopping, circuit stytle. Rest 2 minutes. Repeat for a total of 20 minutes.


Abs & Alcohol - are both possible?

It goes a little deeper than simply tracking calories consumed. Alcohol is full of empty calories (void of essential nutrients) and is the first fuel to be burned by your body, postponing the fat burning process👎🏼

At 7 cals/gram, alcohol packs nearly twice as much punch as protein and carbs do, and alcoholic drinks are usually quite carb heavy, which leads to an increased insulin production in the body, and thus, increased fat storage😯

Alcohol also has the unpleasant side effect of lowering your metabolic rate. So while your inhibitions are down and you reach for those chili cheese fries, just know that your body isn’t able to effectively burn them off as it normally would. It can take a few days for metabolic activity to return to its normal state, depending how much alcohol is consumed in one sitting🍻🥃🥂

However, balance is key to a happy and healthy lifestyle💁🏼‍♀️If you are going to drink, choose low calorie options—stay away from high sugar drinks and cream based liquors—have healthy snacks on hand, mix your drinks with water, diet soda, or other low cal options, and be mindful of making drinking the exception, rather than the rule🤘🏽While on a strict diet, staying away from alcohol is always your best option, when done in moderation, you can still reach your weight loss goals while having a drink every now and then. Cheers my friends!


Shoulder superset favorite

*Lateral raises x 15

*Front raises x 15

*Rear delt flys x 15

*Overhead shoulder press x 15

4 GIANT sets

Never skip Leg Day

*Leg extensions 4 X 20 (2 sets double leg, 2 sets single leg)

*TRX band pistol squats X 10 + Reverse lunges X 12 (each leg) — 3 sets

*Hamstring curls x 15 + Hip thrusts x 15 — 3 sets

*Hip Abductors on machine 4 X 20

*Smith machine narrow stance squats x 15 (go heavy last set) + Banded lateral side walks X 15 — 3 sets

*Hack squats X 15 (moderate weight, squeeze the glues) — 3 sets

*Hamstring raises X 15 — 3 sets

*Cable kick backs X 15 — 3 sets

FINAL ROUND: Hold a dumbbell (I used 20, 30, 40 lbs). Start with the lightest weight and do one lunge with the right leg, one with the left leg, then squat X1. Now repeat but squat X 2. Then repeat but squat X 3... on up until 5. Now grab your next heaviest weight and repeat set. Repeat one last time with the heaviest weight. 

Flexin' those biceps

I rarely spend an entire day doing only bicep exercises, but I have a few rotations I like to add in every once in a while. Try this superset fav of mine:


*Bicep curl pyramid (start with light weight, transition heavier, and then back down

X 15, X 12, X 10, X 8, X 6,

X 8, X 10, X 12, X 15

Repeat 2 more times

*Full arnold press (with bicep curl) 3 X 15

*Hammer curls 3 X 15


Shoulder pointers...

You don't have to lift heavy to get toned arms and shoulders. Low weight/high repetition sets can still give you the look you're going for, without causing stress or injury. As a point of reference (disclaimer: everyone is different), I have been lifting for 3+ years and I still rarely use dumbbells over 15 pounds for shoulder days.

When doing a set of 4 X 15, pick a weight that allows you to make it through the entire set, while still feeling winded and requiring effort, but not so much so that you sacrifice form or have to quit half-way through. As you get into more experienced lifting, you may do some sets to muscle failure, but that is likely down the road. For now, focus on form and completing each set.

Leg & glute supersets:

SUPERSET—3 sets: Reverse lunges x 12 + Romanian deadlifts X 15 (moderate weight) + Lateral side steps X 20 each way

*SUPERSET—3 sets: Weighted lunges X 15 each leg + reverse hyperextensions X 15

*SUPERSET—3 sets: Lying hamstring curls X 15 + Hip thrusts X 15

*SUPERSET—3 sets: Abductor machine X 20 + Cable kick backs X 15 each leg

*SUPERSET—3 sets: Hack squats X 15 + Banded body weight squats X 15

The key to a smaller waist

A majority of us were not blessed with tiny waists—myself included. BUT in the competing world, small (looking) waists are important. So, what do you do if you have a thick, or blocky midsection?
•Posing really helps to give the illusion of a smaller waist. The way you stand is everything.
•I keep saying these, but vacuum twists—they help pull those lower abs in nice and tight post babies and the twist helps work the different sections of your inner core.
•Broom twists—holding a broomstick (or anything similar that is not weighted) behind your neck and twisting side to side, slow and controlled while keeping core tight.

•I also wear a waist band (like @sweetsweat) during cardio sessions in the last 6 weeks or so leading up to a competition—helps remove excess water weight.

The goal is to whittle your waist down, not bulk it up with weighted oblique side crunches and extensions (just think, during movements like those you are BUILDING up the muscle, meaning it will get bigger and stronger, not toned and smaller).  And I am not an advocate of corseted waist trainers; your body’s organs need not be improperly squished and pushed around. But keep in mind, at the end of the day, your body structure is your own, and while it can be tweaked, you gotta learn to love & rock with what you got. 

Macros + Eating Out + Water: Q&A

1) What’s a good macro balance for weight loss? Macros are super specific to each individual person (there is no one size fits all) BUT generally a diet high in protein and low in carbs is where you would start. Some general guidelines to follow: 10-30% carbs, 40-50% protein, 30-40% fats. Most importantly, calories out > calories in each day.

2) How do you handle eating out? Plan ahead! If you know where you’re going, look at the menu ahead of time and decide what you’re having before you even arrive. If not, choose a meal high in protein and sub out carb heavy sides for veggies. Condiments and dressings add up quick so forgo these entirely or get them on the side. Trade in alcohol and sugary drinks for water.

3) How can I increase my daily water intake? This is hard for most everyone, myself included. I aim for, at minimum,100oz a day (1 gallon = 128oz). There are tons of tips/tricks out there; use trial and error to find what works best for you.
💧Buy a liter jug and carry it with you everywhere. Fill 3-4x daily.
💧Whenever you take 1 sip of water, make yourself take an additional 3-5.
💧Use Mio, Crystal Light, etc. to add some flava to boring water.
💧Set time limits: 1 L before 10am, 2 L by 2pm, 3 L by 6pm, etc.
💧No sweets/treats unless water goal is reached each day.

The best diet/lifestyle/tips/tricks are the ones that WORK for YOU. Creating and living a healthy lifestyle is all about finding the right balance.