Check out these workout videos to learn some new moves, check your form, or more importantly, to get inspired. Add them into your daily routine and let's sweat together!



The goal is never skinny; always strong. Check out this easy-to-do booty circuit that can be done at home or in the gym. 

Check it: Your biggest challenge isn’t someone else. It’s the ache in your lungs, and the burning in your legs, and the voice inside you that yells “can’t.” Don’t listen. Push harder. Soon you’ll hear the voice whisper “can” and you’ll discover that the person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are .

Look for these modifications for different fitness levels: 🍏Beginners 🍎Advanced

1. Bulgarian split squat: 15 each leg
🍏 Body weight
🍎 + Dumbbell or KB
2. Curtsy/Reverse Lunge: 15 each leg
🍏Stand on floor and use bodyweight only
🍎Stand on risers and add optional weight
3. Pop squats: 15
🍏Use single riser step or no step
🍎Double riser step and/or hold dumbbell
*Rest 30 seconds & repeat for 3 rounds total.



Hate working your core as much as I do?! Find creative ways to engage those muscles whenever possible, like using a BOSU Ball rather than a flat surface. Try swapping out your usual exercises for these every once in a while. 

The name BOSU (BOth Sides Up) refers to being able to use this “ball” with either blue side up or platform side up. The uneven surface forces you to engage your core during exercises to keep your balance (as you’ll see in the videos, my balance leaves a lot to be desired...)

Do circuit all the way through before resting. Repeat 3 times.
❗️Deadlifts x 15 — hinge at the hips, keep dumbbells close to shins, neutral spine
❗️Reverse Lunges x 12 each leg — weighted bar optional
❗️Pop Squats x 15
❗️Bosu Ball Push-Ups x 10
Rest 60 seconds. Remember to keep your core tight throughout



Elite U in tha house. This 👏🏽 place 👏🏽 is 👏🏽 legit! Serving up some hump day favs to help you grow that booty. And when you’re done, check out my blog post on who I think this gym is perfect for.

1) Hip thrusts—you don’t have to go super heavy to make these effective. Lower weight and higher reps can also make the magic happen. In this video, trainer Alicia B. had me do 2-0-0 hip thrusts over the course of 30 min!
2) Reverse Hypers—make sure you aren’t using too much weight that you strain your lower back on these; it should be all glute/hamstring focused. 3 sets of 10 (each leg)

Happy hump day friends ✌🏽Follow @elite_u to remind yourself you can always push a little bit harder—in the gym & in life 



FriYAY & Fall & Football & Fitness 🍁🏈 Add this circuit to your routine to add a little pumpkin spice to your next leg day. 

1) Floor Squats—3x15 (this machine rocks but I realize it isn’t readily found everywhere... you can still do this exercise by maintaining the same stance and holding a kettlebell).
2) Kettlebell Deadlifts—3x15 (deadlifts are sooo good for your hamstrings/glutes, but can be tricky. Please note form).
3) Horizontal Single Leg Press—3x15 each leg (Note upper foot placement).

Do 15 reps of each of the 3 exercises, rest, repeat series 2 more times
Location: @theprophysiques 
Trained by: @artiecook



Changing it up and taking it outdoors🌤 Here’s a 45 minute track workout to add to your routine:

Warmup: Jog 2 laps around the track
Then do this circuit 3 times:
•Bulgarian split squats x 10 each leg
•Jump squats x 10
•Banded lateral side steps x 10 each way
•Banded front/back walks x 10 each way
•Lunge up stadium risers, walk down
•Squat hops up stadium stairs, walk down
•(No video) Sprint up stadium stairs, jog down x 3
Finish with 1 mile jog (4 laps around the track)



Each person is given 24 hours every single day. No one cheats and somehow gets 25, and no one cheats you and somehow gives you 23. 24 is the magical number—make them count!

🍑 Hump day is always booty day 🍑

🔻Hip thrusts: 3 x 15
🔻Reverse Hyperextensions: 3 x 12 (each leg)
🔻GHDs: 3 x 15 (I don’t know the real name for these, but I call them Glute-Ham Developers, so GHD...)
🔻Abductors: 4 x 20

Go & grow those glutes!



Here are 3 of my favorite deadlift variations to target your hamstrings and glutes. Pick one and add it to your next leg day 👊🏽

Please note that form is very important to avoid back strain or injury. Slow and steady wins the race. Double tap if you love deadlifts as much as I do🖤...or the results they give anyways 🙌🏽

1) Reverse Hack Squat Deadlift 3 x 15
2) Elevated Heel Deadlifts 3 x 15
3) KB Deadlifts 3 x 15



This is my absolute fav superset because you will 100% feel the burn. Add this to your next shoulder day 💪🏽

💥 Lateral raises x 15
💥 Front raises x 15 (I prefer a plate over dumbbells, but either works)
💥 Rear delt flys x 15
💥 Overhead press x 15
💥 Rest & repeat 3 more times

(Helpful little tip: save this in your ‘Collections’ section for easy recall later).

Let me know what you think! Maybe it’ll become your fav superset too 🙃Cheers to the weekend & happy Friday y’all.



👋🏽Quick lunch time BOOTY BURNOUT circuit at @northingtonfit last week; it did not disappoint! Try it out and let me know what you think🍑

Gym crash 📍at Northington Fitness last Friday to see if this place was really as upbeat and inviting as people say it is🤔 It can be hard to find a personal training studio that doesn’t intimidate the sh*t out you when first walking in. Did they pass? Link to review here! Ok, the workout:

🔥Vertical leg press: 3 x 20
🔥Hip thrusts + banded abductors superset: (ladder style: 1 hip thrust, 1 abductor, 2 hip thrusts, 2 abductors....10)
🔥Lying leg curls: 3x 10 each leg, 10 together
🔥Reverse hypers: 4 x 15
🔥Monster walks 4 x 10 each way

Set the tone for the rest of the week today🙌🏽



Oooh baby got back... literally, B-A-C-K. You guys said you wanted some moves to give you a sexy, toned back—here they are!

Drop a ❤️ if these videos are helpful & save to your collections so I know to keep making them pleeeeeease.

Back Day👇🏽
🔥 Lat pulldown 3 x 15 (neutral grip bar for this video, though I use a wide grip bar often as well)
🔥 Seated row 3 x 15
🔥 Arnold press with bicep curl 3 x 12 (named after the big guy, in case you’re wondering)
🔥 Upright row 3 x 12
🔥 Straight arm pushdown 3 x 15
🔥 High row 3 x 12



Why superset? The biggest reason is that it acts as a time saver, allowing you to alternate between 2 exercises with no rest in between. When pairing exercises together correctly as supersets, you can boost performance, build muscle, and burn fat👌🏽Try this compound superset below to work your hamstrings & glutes🍑

{If you don’t have these machines, no worries. Just use a riser and step backwards off of it for the reverse lunge, and for the deadlifts you can use dumbbells with heels elevated on an incline plane or on a weight plate.}

Reverse lunges x 15
Deadlifts x 15
(Rest 30 seconds; repeat 2-3 more times)

Top: @officialbetterbodies
Leggings: @lululemon
Shoes: @nike



Can you do effective hip thrusts with bands only? YES 🍑 This superset is great for at-home workouts, a crowded gym, or even for mamas with previous C-section scars who don’t like to put weight on their lower abdomen. And yes serious lifters, this will burn even for you🔥

NEED: 1) Large moderate-heavy resistance band 2) Hip circle band (@mbslingshot or @team4kor). Anchor the large band as shown and place hip circle band above the knees. {Swipe for pics and video to guide you👉🏽}

Keeping your chin tucked and your knees pressed outwards, do the following set 3 times (😳 yes, 3).

1 hip thrust, 1 abduction. 2 hip thrusts, 2 abductions....all the way up to 10 hip thrusts, 10 abductions. Rest. Repeat 2x more.



I almost always train these two muscle groups together & dedicate 2 days/week to them; one day I hit shoulders harder, and the other day I hit back harder. This workout is the latter of the 2. Enjoy 💪🏽 And I’m no naming expert, so if exercises are improperly titled, just watch the videos and do what I do 😜

♦️Bent over single arm row 3 x 15
♦️Rear delt flys 3 x 12
♦️Iso-lateral row 3 x 15
♦️Wide grip assisted pull-up 3 x 12
♦️Neutral grip assisted pull-up 3 x 12
♦️Face pulls 3 x 15
♦️Single arm cable chest flys 3 x 10
♦️Rear delt cable crossovers 3 x 12