Failure is an inevitable component of success 

Doing anything BIG in life that requires hundreds, to sometimes thousands, of hours means that you are guaranteed to encounter setbacks and inevitable failure at some point in your journey. But failure is merely a path correction, a slight adjustment to your process, an area that needed tweaking... You cannot have great success without failure. Keep that in mind when you begin a weight loss journey, a physical transformation, a competition prep, or really, anything in life. 

The strong among us are not those who never stumble, but those who fall and get back up.


These are posts taken from my Instagram account, where I documented my full prep journey. Here is a snippet into what it's like week-to-week. Check out the full journey and future preps on my Instagram page, and check out this blog post for added insight.  Come and take this journey with me: @kristi_eide

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PART 1: Learning to fail

{August 2017} No show in September. The sport of competing is hard, really, really hard, not only physically, but mentally taxing as well. And coming from a past of body issues, insecurities, and toeing the line of having a serious eating disorder, the insecurities got the best of me and won out. Deciding to go back to a place where the gym was fun again and food wasn't the enemy was a hard decision, but the right one... for me. This story is far from over though; it's just taking a much needed break.



PART 3: #11weeks & mental toughness

I've been asked a few times recently about where my head is at (mentally) for competition prep this time around. The hardest part about prepping for a show like this isn't the time spent in the gym. Sure, it's challenging physically, but the mind games are the trickiest parts to navigate. The incessant comparing of yourself to others, picking yourself apart, feeling inadequate, being too big, too skinny, too this, too that... it's exhausting. I see a (very) high correlation amongst fitness competitors and past easting disorder issues; the two almost seem to go hand in hand. I've openly talked about my struggles with this before, so I am not different than most. 

Body dysmoprhia is a very real thing and in a sport where you are constantly being critiqued on for your physique, it can be challenging to keep your mind from going back down that dangerous road. You must be in a positive state mentally to compete, have a solid support system, a coach who knows what they're doing, and set realistic (but high) expectations of yourself... oh and be ready to grind like no tomorrow.

In 2017 there were a lot of things that were unstable in my life and stress got the best of me. This year (2018) has bee so much better. I have an A+ trainer, friends who support me getting back on the competition wagon, those who pull me up the second I get down, and 2 amazing  little boys who love going to the gym as much as I do. My head is in a great place right now and prep is full steam ahead. 

Setting a goal is the easy part. The drive to keep pursuing it is what separates the dreamers from the doers. When things get tough and you want to quit, let that serve as a reminder that you are on the right path. Champions were never made from following the road well traveled. 

6 week stats: 122lbs / body fat % unknown

Lifting 6x/week  + HIIT 6x/week 


PART 7: Goal achieved

Some people confuse crazy with passionate, so let me clear; I am bat shit passionate. By doing what you LOVE you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

Ever feel lost trying to figure out your passion or struggle knowing what it is that you're naturally really good at? It's the things you do day in and day out, even when there is no time. It's the thoughts of maybe/what if/I wish, that never seem to completely escape your mind. And it's most likely something  you completely underestimate yourself in because the skill comes so easily to you that it almost seem like a skill t all. THAT is your passion. THAT is your strength. THAT is what is worth dropping everything to recklessly pursue in life. 

Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles around to watch you burn. 

Took me 34 years to earn my first trophy (4th in Open and 5th in Novice). When you find something you love, learn from it, hang onto it, and never let it go.




The best training studio in Arizona and one of the best in the nation. The trainers, the clients, the vibe, the atmosphere... it's all top-notch. Check it out if you're ever in the area. And shout-out to my amazing trainer Artie Cook for doing this journey with me!

PART 2: #13weeks & trying again


{April 2018} Effort: What you give when you care about something. If it no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you all warm and fuzzy on the inside, it's time to peace the f* out. But the gym literally does all of those for me so still my #1.

13 weeks out from a major goal... can you guess what it is? Quitting is not an option this time around; I can't do that to this girl twice. Mindset is everything. 



Starting: 127lbs / 5'3 / 16-17% body fat



  Lifting 6x/week with light cardio 3x/week



PART 4: #6weeks & staying motivated

Staying motivated to keep hammering away at a goal isn't magically easy for anyone, despite whatever outward appearance is projected. Contrary to what some may think, I definitely do not wake up clapping my hands to go to the gym everyday. However, what started years ago as forcing myself to show up, eventually became something I did out of habit, to eventually becoming a part of who I was and who I am; from not wanting to go 95% of the time, to 95% of the time wanting to go. 



PART 5: #2weeks & competing thoughts

So you wanna compete? Ever cried in the gym? I have. Ever had to talk yourself out of quitting 10x in one day? Yep. Ever broke your cardio down like this: 30 minutes is only 5 minutes 6 times, which is basically 2 songs every 5 minutes... What about food? You do not eat to enjoy yourself the last few weeks: you eat solely for fuel. At this point everything enjoyable is gone. The gym: I basically live there. When I'm not there, I just came from there, am on my way there, or should already be there. Mood: exhausted, sore, and running on fumes.

Will every inch of sweat and sacrifice be worth it? YES, without a doubt. The human body is capable of almost anything. It's your mind you have to convince. Flexing that muscle is the most important one of all. I can see the finish line and the home stretch is coming! 



PART 6: #1week & insecurities

Insecurities are an evil little B, aren't they? A few days out from my first fitness show and I look at this picture and literally the first thing I think is, ugh I hate my chin. My chin... my f'n chin! An ex-boyfriend told me I had a big chin (which, maybe I do), and then some mean girls made fun of me for it (10+ years ago)... and I STILL hate my side profile because of it. 

How do we get past the ridiculous weight of the things that hold us down? We STOP giving life to the negative and instead FEED the positive. Your mind will always give life to whatever you feed it. Feed it with love. 

1 week: 118lbs / body fat around 12-13%

Lifting 7x/week + cardio & HIIT 11x/week