be conFIdenT



...because nothing truly amazing ever happened from staying inside your comfort zone... and because being a babe is not reserved for only the young and childless. I became the best, most confident, and fittest version of myself post-20's and post-babies.

Fitness is not a destination, but a lifelong journey that has the power to transform everything you thought you knew into something even greater. While a fit body looks different on every body, confidence looks beautiful on everybody.

Whether the gym is brand new to you or like your second home, find fitness and nutrition information to help guide you along the way. And if you have a fit bun cookin' in the oven, exercise is an amazing and natural form of stress relief; plenty on that subject here as well. Reach out if you have questions!

Whether it's been one of your worst days or one of your best, the gym is where you can let it all out and not think about anything (or anyone) but yourself, even if just for a short while. Come sweat it out with me! Follow along on my Instagram stories to see real time workouts, meals, tips & fitness & nutrition product reviews.